Loe Law Group prides itself on serving clients across

many areas of the law — from employment
and environmental; to IT and pharmaceuticals;
​to transactions, trusts and wills:

We are skilled in pursuing and defending appeals in both state and federal courts of appeal.

Among our achievements, we successfully represented clients in a matter that resulted

in a published opinion from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Employment Law
Many of our corporate and business clients rely on us for advice regarding all aspects

of California employment law, federal laws affecting the workplace, and strategies

for avoiding claims from employees. We routinely assist clients with preparing employee

handbooks, policies, and procedures manuals; establishing “best practices;” conducting

investigations in response to employee complaints and concerns; and reviewing training


If the threat of employment litigation arises, we can quickly evaluate a claim and recommend a course of action. We strive to resolve employment-related claims as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation. Loe Law Group has vigorously and successfully defended scores of employers in litigation at both the state and federal levels in jury trials, non-jury trials and arbitrations.

Estate Planning and Administration

From simple wills and trusts to more complicated, irrevocable real estate trusts, Loe Law Group can provide comprehensive guidance to secure the most efficient transfer of property and the most advantageous tax solutions.  Loe Law Group not only prepares the documents but administers and litigates probate matters both large and small. In administering an estate, we smooth the process for both the trustee/administrator and the ultimate beneficiaries by explaining the process and quickly marshaling the assets and communicating with beneficiaries.  If litigation is necessary, we strive to efficiently advocate the wishes of the settlor to obtain the fairest resolution of the dispute and the desires of our client.

Information Technology

​Loe Law Group has positioned itself to serve the legal needs of both large and small Information Technology (IT) organizations, whether they are product users or developers. We recognize the desire of companies to minimize the employment of full-time IT workers, specifically in areas that do not require full-time dedication to a specific task, while remaining current with legal and regulatory issues. Accordingly, Loe Law Group has established relationships with industry experts to deal with such legal issues, for whatever time period they are needed, on behalf of companies whose success and, perhaps existence, depend on establishing and maintaining mission-critical IT applications — with Loe Law Group taking prime contractor responsibility for these experts’ performance.

To provide the depth of legal support required by today’s IT industry, Loe Law Group provides the litigation services listed below. This list should be considered a living document — as technology and associated legal issues, seem to change on a daily basis.

  • Contract Preparation and Management
  • Hardware/Software Compliance
  • Hardware/Software Licenses
  • Internet – Legal/Ethical Issues
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • User Legal Awareness and Training

Intellectual Property

Loe Law Group has performed numerous copyright and trademark matters for both manufacturers and broadcast entities.

Insurance Defense

Loe Law Group has been selected by major insurance carriers to provide representation in defense of claims against their insured in a variety of disciplines and subject areas. We are adept at working within the claims framework to provide quality, cost-effective representation as assigned defense counsel or independent counsel. We are responsive to insured parties, claims staff and coverage counsel, alike. Although Loe Law Group is well-versed in a variety of legal disciplines, the primary focus has been on the following areas: 

  • Employment-related matters of all types
  • Churches and other religious non-profit organizations
  • Business torts/business liability
  • Environmental claims, particularly those involving soil and groundwater contamination and clean-up


Through the years, our depth of experience has allowed us to offer clients legal services in a broad range of litigation areas. In that time, we have learned that one does not need an army of lawyers to be successful in a case. Rather, one only needs an attorney who is knowledgeable and organized and has a strong game plan. In addition to providing top-quality trial representation, we are adept at providing individuals and businesses with pre-litigation strategy and advice.

We have discovered that our clients seek us out for our judgment in evaluating cases and preventing the need for litigation, as appropriate, as well as our litigation abilities. Our attorneys provide a candid assessment of the case at the outset, including the relative risks and rewards of litigating. Having practiced before state and federal courts in California, we have found that knowing when and how to settle a case is a skill that is often as valuable as any other talent.

Real Estate/Environmental
With broad experience in various real estate matters and related insurance coverage issues, Loe Law Group counsels developers, brokers, architects, builders, contractors, landlords, owners, tenants and homeowners associations. Services performed include assisting in property acquisition, planning and financing; title and construction matters; leasing and purchase arrangements; entitlement and land use issues; government relations; and landlord/tenant disputes. 

Loe Law Group is also equipped to handle a variety of environmental issues related to real property and land use matters, including CEQA/NEPA compliance during the development process and matters related to EIR/EIS preparation and certification. Through our strategic associations with other trusted professionals, experts and consultants with experience in environmental hazards and clean-up issues, we are also able to represent landowners, producers and other responsible parties in such matters — including actions under CERCLA, RCRA and related laws.

Transactional Business and Corporate Matters

Loe Law Group also has extensive experience in corporate and general business matters on a local, national and international level — structuring, negotiating and closing various transactions, as well as advising clients on a variety of business-related legal issues. We often assist clients with corporate, partnership and joint-venture formations; dissolutions; and a broad range of related commercial transactions. Loe Law Group is committed to optimizing our clients' interests, while taking the necessary steps to avoid future litigation.


for NEARLY 30 years.